Business Savings Accounts

Business Money Market Account1

Put your idle cash to work by receiving a competitive interest rate while keeping funds liquid.  Pair this account with our other business checking accounts and manage your entire relationship with Resolute Business Manager or Resolute Mobile. 


Monthly Maintenance Fee of $20.00 can be waived by maintaining the following:

$10,000.00 average ledger balance

Resolute Business Manager and     Resolute Mobile

Access and manage your funds from almost anywhere using our  innovative and easy to use Online and Mobile tools


Receive your statement electronically the day after the last business day of the month

Interest Rates2


Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

$0.01 to $24,999.99






$100,000.00 +


  1. You may make up to six (6) transfers or withdrawals from your account each statement cycle for the purpose of transferring funds to another account at Resolute Bank or making pre-authorized, automatic, or telephonic transfers to other institutions or transfers or withdrawals made by check, debit card, or other similar order by you made payable to third parties.  You may make unlimited  withdrawals by mail, messenger, ATM, in person or by telephone (via check mailed to the depositor.)  If you exceed the withdrawal limits described above, your account will be assessed a $5.00 Excess Withdrawal Fee per withdrawal.  Money Market Accounts are subject to Regulation D, please consult your Deposit Agreement and Truth in Savings Disclosure for more information.
  2. Interest Rates are subject to change without notice.  Fees may reduce earnings on account.  Rate is effective 11/29/2017 and is subject to change without notice.