Business Visa Debit Card

Convenient Access to Your Cash

 Have Greater Peace of Mind with a Visa® Business Debit Card

Does your business seek the convenience of a credit card without opening additional lines of credit? Resolute Bank’s Business Visa® Debit Card may just be the right fit. Along with a streamlined fraud protection system, we offer smsGuardian text alerts so you can stay informed about any suspicious card activity. To learn more about the many benefits of Resolute Bank’s Business Visa® Debit Card, call 419.868.1750. 

Resolute Bank added EMV technology to our Visa Visa® Debit Card.  This important update will allow you to make purchases more securely than ever before.

  What is an EMV Chip Card?

EMV chip cards do everything magnetic stripe cards do, but with added security benefits. With microchip technology, it is nearly impossible for criminals to create counterfeit cards, and the computer chip enables more secure processing.



Visa® Debit Card Activation Guide

 Current Cardholders

To report a lost or stolen debit card, please contact:
During Business Hours: (419) 868-1750
After Business Hours: 1-866-5HOTCRD or 1-866-546-8273 

Keep Your Account Safe with smsGuardian Text Alerts

At Resolute Bank, we take account security seriously — which is why we offer smsGuardian text alerts to all Resolute Bank Visa® debit cardholders. This service allows you to receive text messages if any suspicious card activity occurs on your debit card. The smsGuardian service is available at no additional charge* when you have a Resolute Bank checking account.

 You can receive alerts for:

  • International transactions
  • When 5 or more transactions are authorized in a 24-hour period
  • Out-of-state transactions
  • Transactions over $300
  • Any transaction in which a card is not present  
  • Declined authorizations

  Ready to enroll? Click on the link below and follow the easy prompts to get started. 

Enroll in smsGuardian

 Have any questions? Check out these helpful resources:

smsGuardian Enrollment Guide
smsGuardian FAQ
smsGuardian Terms & Conditions of Use 


*Message and data rates may apply. You can stop receiving alerts immediately by texting the word STOP in reply to a Guardian Alert. You may unsubscribe from this service entirely on the website. Cardholders can also discontinue alerts by texting the word STOP to 27576.